The following basic parameters can be used to compute the money spent in your company on writing tests in the last week. Please feel free to adjust them.

Money spent in your company on writing tests that are hard to read and maintain (in the last week):

$ 1234

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Getting Started

The easiest way to get started with NatSpec is to download the NatSpec distribution. It includes a comprehensive example showing NatSpec's features.

To learn more about NatSpec, consult the NatSpec Getting Started Guide. It explains all relevant aspects for using NatSpec.

More documentation for NatSpec is directly included in your NatSpec Eclipse Distribution. To open it, select Window > Show View > Other... > NatSpec Help. So your documentation is always up to date and exactly there where you need it — in your working environment.

The NatSpec documentation includes quick start guides for all stakeholders involved in requirements engineering and testing.

For printing or offline reading you can also download a PDF version of the NatSpec documentation.

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Your feedback is highly appreciated in order to improve NatSpec, so feel free to suggest new features, report encountered problems or simply share your NatSpec experience with us. Just send an e-mail to the NatSpec support team. We love to hear from you.