The following basic parameters can be used to compute the money spent in your company on writing tests in the last week. Please feel free to adjust them.

Money spent in your company on writing tests that are hard to read and maintain (in the last week):

$ 1234

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NatSpec Syntax Pattern View NatSpec Template Class NatSpec Code Completion
Create reusable test libraries NatSpec enables you to create libraries of sentences which can be reused for multiple tests projects.
Gain flexibility using template classes NatSpec can generate JUnit tests, TestNG tests or even plain Java class. This gives you both flexibility and power.
Get exceptional IDE support NatSpec provides all the IDE comfort programmers desire. Code completion, syntax highlighting, hyper links and many more.

NatSpec Eclipse IDE

NatSpec consists of a number of plug-ins for the Eclipse IDE that contribute the following features to support developers and testers:

NatSpec Features (hover to see screenshot):

NatSpec IDE
  • NatSpec Syntax Highlighting
  • NatSpec Code Completion
  • NatSpec IDE
  • NatSpec Error Marker
  • NatSpec Quick Fixes
  • NatSpec Syntax Patterns View
  • NatSpec IDE
  • NatSpec Hyperlinks
  • NatSpec Hyperlinks
  • NatSpec Template Classes
  • NatSpec Outline View
  • NatSpec Spell-Checking
  • NatSpec Help View
  • NatSpec Example Project
  • NatSpec Generated Class Filter
  • Editor with syntax highlighting
  • Code completion
  • No syntactic restrictions (No keywords, no fixed structure)
  • Error markers for unmatched or ambiguous sentences
  • Quick fixes to generate test-support methods
  • Syntax Pattern View showing all available patterns
  • Automatic Java code generation on every save
  • Hyperlinks from sentences to test-support methods
  • Hyperlinks from generated code to NatSpec specification
  • Template classes to customize generated code
  • Interactive outline view
  • Spell checking for NatSpec specifiations
  • Help View to get started quickly
  • Comprehensive example project
  • Filter option for generated classes