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Money spent in your company on writing tests that are hard to read and maintain (in the last week):

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Write tests in natural language NatSpec allows to specify tests using the language of your customers.

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Write tests in natural language ...or Russian.

Whatever language you prefer, NatSpec supports it.
Use business terms to specify behavior Let your tests focus on business concepts instead of technical details.

What is NatSpec?

The goal of any software development process is to deliver software to customers that satisfies their needs. Transforming requirements into a shipped product is essentially the job that needs to be done.

With NatSpec you can describe requirements together with your customers using plain natural language and transform them into executable tests. Requirements specifications can be directly used to ensure the functionality of your software before it goes live. NatSpec helps you to save time and money, makes sure you're building the right product and eventually keeps your customers happy.

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Key Benefits

  • Naturally describe software requirements and software tests in mother tongue
    NatSpec is a lightweight yet powerful approach to bridge the gap between requirements engineering and software testing. It's build around the idea to describe software requirements in human language in terms of exemplary usage scenarios. NatSpec does not imply any syntactic restrictions or special keywords.
  • Seamlessly involve customers and experts in software quality assurance
    Scenarios are meant to be easy to read for customers, analysts and developers. This enables a natural, efficient and precise communication with your customers from the first requirements workshop, throughout the implementation and test process until software maintenance.
  • Flexibly derive executable test cases
    NatSpec specifications aren't just read-only documents containing requirements. Mapped to JUnit test cases, they are a vital artifact for measuring the progress and quality of your software development from the very beginning to the final product. NatSpec comes with a straightforward and flexible way to define the meaning of sentences in natural language in terms of test code.
  • Easily monitor the progress and quality in your development process
    NatSpec automatically generates documentation for requirements and test cases. Thus, you can easily monitor and report your current progress, open issues and other software quality indicators.
  • Continuously test and maintain the functionality of your software
    With NatSpec requirements specifications are automatically used to test the functionality of your software and, thus, evolve to a living artifact in the development process. Misunderstandings or inconsistencies that are detected during development or in the final product can be clarified by refining the respective specifications. This makes NatSpec a vital asset not only in requirements engineering but all phases of software development.